New York Governor David Paterson issued an order on April 24, 2009, making it easier for labor unions to organize employees for agencies and public authorities that provide financial aid to projects that will entail the construction of a hotel or convention center. The directive requires the operators of new construction projects that receive state aid, including loans, tax incentives or long-term leases from state agencies or public authorities, to obtain Labor Peace Agreement (“LPA”) with unions seeking to organize their workers. These LPA must also be included in any contract between the project operators and any subcontractors that work on the project.

Under these mandated agreements, employees would be prohibited from striking, boycotting or engaging in other actions that would disrupt business or deprive the state of revenues. While the directive’s language appears to favor employers, unions will enjoy unprecedented leverage to gain concessions from companies in exchange for entering into LPA. For example, unions will likely demand right-to-organize agreements, including “card-check” rights that allow a union to be recognized as soon as a majority of workers sign authorization cards.

For purposes of the governor’s directive, covered hotel and convention center projects include those in which New York state, or an agency with at least one member appointed by the governor, owns title to part of the facility or has entered into a 40-year or longer lease to occupy a portion of the new facility. The directive also applies to construction projects that receive financing from the state or state agency, including direct financial subsidies, loans or loan guarantees, credit enhancements, or other similar aid.

The directive includes two limited exceptions. First, a state agency may decide not to include the LPA if the agency determines that such a requirement will not further the state’s proprietary interest prior to the issuance of the initial request for proposal. Second, the agreement would not be required if the financial assistance at issue is provided pursuant to a specific statute or regulation that prevents the conditioning of such assistance on an LPA. Any company preparing to undertake a construction project in New York should be aware of this pending order, and make sure to consider a union workforce when budgeting for the project.