As we detailed in a blog post last October, New York amended the state’s labor law to extend certain workplace protections to child models – specifically, to protect runway and print models under the age of 18 in the same way that other young performers, including actors, dancers, musicians, singers, and voice-over artists, were already protected. The state’s child performer regulations protect any performer “under the age of 18 who renders creative or artistic services in New York State as a performer or[] any New York resident under the age of 18 who renders creative or artistic services anywhere outside New York State.”

In the wake of the amendment, the New York Department of Labor has now released updated forms that employers must use when engaging child performers, including models. The new forms include: (1) a child performer permit application, (2) a school form, (3) a health form, (4) a trust account form, (5) an emergency contact form, and (6) a 15-day permit online application. More information about the state’s child performer regulations and copies of the updated forms can be found on the Department’s website.