Our Global Regulatory Enforcement colleague Daniel Kadar wrote a blog post discussing the French Supreme Court’s (‘Cour de cassation’) ruling over a case that should remind any international organization that the worldwide adoption of compliance guidelines and of a Code of Conduct is not in itself a sufficient protection against compliance breaches: everything

Our Executive Compensation & Employee Benefits colleagues John D. Martini, Kerry Halpern, Jeffrey G. Aromatorio and Cory A. Thomas wrote a client alert regarding three important proposed regulations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  These proposed regulations govern wellness programs, implement rules promoting nondiscrimination in health coverage and insurance rate transparency, and provide

The re-election of President Obama and insignificant changes made to the political make-up of the House and the Senate have dashed the hopes of many employers that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”) would be significantly modified or repealed. Employers, especially those that pushed compliance efforts to the back burner during the election, will now need to turn their attention to ACA compliance. With numerous compliance deadlines having taken effect in the latter half of 2012, new requirements taking effect in 2013, as well as an already noticeable up-tick in regulatory guidance, employers that do not start to take action could be left scrambling when the majority of the remaining ACA provisions become effective in 2014.Continue Reading Health Care Reform – Employer Steps For 2012 and 2013

U.S. employers with French operations must focus carefully on their investment or divestment operations. Through the ” joint employer theory ” employees of a French company can now pierce its corporate veil to hold the ultimate parent, even one based in the United States, liable for restructuring costs, including severance packages and damages for unfair