Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) guidance

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many U.S. businesses remain shuttered or operating at reduced levels. While the ultimate decision to allow employees to return to “in-person” work will likely involve a staggered, multi-faceted, jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction approach, on April 16, 2020, the federal government nevertheless announced a three-phase plan for “reopening America,” including guidance for state and local officials.

In the first phase, businesses are encouraged to continue remote work, returning to “in-person” work in phases. For businesses that do reopen “in-person” operations, common areas should remain closed and strict social distancing protocols should be enforced. Non-essential travel should remain limited. Special accommodations are recommended for workers who are at high risk. In the second phase, business should continue to encourage remote work and, for “in-person” operations, keep common areas closed. Moderate social distancing protocols should be enforced and businesses can resume non-essential business travel. Special accommodations for high risk workers should continue. During the third phase, in states and regions with no evidence of a rebound of COVID-19 cases, employers can resume unrestricted “in-person” staffing of worksites.
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