What’s old is new again in New York. In non-COVID-19-related news, earlier this month, New York state passed its fiscal year 2020–2021 budget. As part of the budget, New York’s voting leave law, which was amended last year, will revert back to the pre-2019 version of the statute.

By way of background, in April 2019, New York increased paid voting time for employees from two to three hours (regardless of an employee’s work schedule). Legislators also eliminated the then-existing requirement that requests for voting time leave be made no more than 10 working days prior to the election at issue. The recent amendments, however, do away with many of the key 2019 changes.
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With the 2020 presidential primaries underway, now is the time for employers to review their voting leave policies to ensure that supervisors and human resources departments understand applicable law. In addition to avoiding legal liability, compliance with voting-related laws helps employers maintain workplace harmony during a potentially contentious period.

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