A recent decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Eagles v Rugged Systems has confirmed the position as to the circumstances in which an Employment Tribunal should exercise its discretion to extend the ordinary three-month time limit for presenting a claim in the Employment Tribunal for an extra three months under the statutory dispute resolution regulations (repealed on 6th April 2009). The decision will be of interest to employers dealing with recent claims for unfair dismissal or who are currently negotiating compromise agreements or dealing with ongoing dismissal procedures in cases where, on a time limit transitional basis, the statutory dispute resolution procedures still apply.Continue Reading Extending the time limit to present a claim in the Employment Tribunal

In Towergate London Market Ltd v Harris the Court of Appeal held that a claimant was entitled to a three-month time extension to bring her unfair dismissal claim, since she had reasonable grounds to believe that a dismissal procedure was ongoing upon the expiry of the original time limit. The Court reached this conclusion despite the fact that the claimant had not appealed internally against her dismissal under any formal process, but rather had raised a post-employment ‘grievance’ with her employer.Continue Reading Unfair dismissal time limit extended owing to ongoing dismissal procedure