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New York’s landmark HERO Act becomes law – With some caveats

Well, that was fast! As we reported on Tuesday, the New York State legislature passed a sweeping bill in late April known as the HERO Act. The HERO Act represents a massive change to the Empire State’s workplace health and safety protocols. At the time of our initial post, the HERO Act was awaiting Governor … Continue Reading

NY State Fast Food Workers Likely To Win $15 Minimum Wage Raise

As previously reported, Gov. Andrew Cuomo in May empaneled a three-person wage board (the Board) to study and fix perceived wage inequality suffered by New York’s fast food workers – including by recommending whether, and by how much, to raise their minimum wage. Cuomo’s actions were a direct response to state lawmakers’ snub of his … Continue Reading

New York Issues Proposed Regulations Expanding Paycheck Deductions

Mark Goldstein contributed to the content of this post. What do you do when you accidentally overpay an employee? Can you deduct the overpayment from the employee’s next paycheck? Until very recently, the answer in New York State was a resounding “no.” The scope of permissible deductions from employees’ wages was exceedingly limited. Although the Legislature expanded … Continue Reading