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California Bars Employers from Requiring Social Media Passwords

Following the lead of Maryland and Illinois, California is the latest state to stop employers from requesting social media log-in information, such as user names and passwords for Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail, from employees and job applicants. The new law also includes protections from employer retaliation against employees who refuse to provide this personal access … Continue Reading

Reed Smith Employment Attorney Expands Social Media Advice to France in New Edition of White Paper

Nearly everyone has become a part of the social media phenomenon that includes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other websites. The growth of social media has been staggering. However, along with that growth comes new legal risks, including employment issues, which we haven’t seen before. As you may know, in fall 2009, we published a social media white … Continue Reading

Reed Smith Employment Attorneys Expand Social Media Advice to Europe in New Edition of White Paper

This post was also written by Carl De Cicco and Amber M. Spataro. In our everyday lives, we’ve all noticed or become a part of the phenomenon of social media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace and more. The options offered and growth of the media have been staggering. With that growth has come new legal risks, including … Continue Reading